Dear EQONEX customers,

In line with our commitment to continuously improve your experience, kindly note the following upgrade to the EQONEX exchange was made on Wednesday 15 December 2021:

  • XLM / USDC coin pairing

  • ETH Cross Collateral

EQONEX is pleased to announce the introduction of XLM/USDC as an additional spot pair as well as the launch of ETH as Cross Collateral asset.

XLM is the native coin used in the Stellar network, an open-source network for currencies and payments that provides affordable solutions for cross-border transactions and remittances. This coin pair is the thirteenth market offered on EQONEX after BTC/USDC, BTC/USDC[F], ETH/USDC, ETH/USDC[F], ETH/BTC, BCH/USDC, USDT/USDC, EQO/USDC, MATIC/USDC, GRT/USDC, LINK/USDC and DOT/USDC. You may learn more about this coin via EQONEX Crypto News and Learn Hub.

The launch of ETH as Cross Collateral means that when customers enable this feature, they can now use both BTC as well as ETH to fund their Total Account Margin. The USDC contribution to your Total Account Margin from each eligible coin is determined by the Mark Price for the coin adjusted by its percentage haircut. To learn more on Cross Collateral as a feature, please visit EQONEX Crypto News and Learn Hub . To learn more about how to enable Cross Collateral on EQONEX, please visit EQONEX Help Center.

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