We are pleased to announce that Polkadot (DOT) is now available for trading on EQONEX.

DOT will be available in the DOT/USDC pair.

The listing is the next step after our industry accredited digital asset custody business Digivault became the first custodian, registered by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FSA) to custody Polkadot (DOT).

Why DOT?


Scaling capability because transactions processed in parallel and blockchain upgrades accomplished without forking.


Polkadot connects independent blockchains into one unified network and enables cross-chain communication.

Shared Security

Parachains that are connected to the Relay Chain share the economic security provided by the Relay Chain validators.


Polkadot token holders have complete control over the protocol including managing exceptional events such as protocol upgrades and fixes.


The Polkadot ecosystem can integrate both Substrate-based protocols and bridged blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

High Adoption

DOT has been one of the best-performing tokens of 2021 and is one of top 10 crypto assets by market capitalization.

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