Dear EQONEX customers,

In line with our commitment to continuously improve your experience, kindly note the following upgrade to the EQONEX exchange was made on 20 September 2021:

  • EQO Dollars (EQO-D)

EQONEX is pleased to announce the introduction of EQO Dollars (EQO-D). As described in the EQO whitepaper, holders of the EQO token are entitled to receive “Airdrops,” which are allocations of new tokens for use within the EQONEX ecosystem. EQO Dollars (EQO-D) is the first airdrop of the EQO token and will be exclusively granted to holders of EQO.

To learn more about EQO-D, this guide briefly explains what an airdrop is, what it means for EQO holders, and how they can get the maximum benefit from their tokens. For instructions on how to use EQO-D for Cross Collateral, how to gift EQO-D, and how to sell back EQO-D, please visit

Should you need support or have questions, contact us at

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