Dear EQONEX customers,

In line with our commitment to continuously improve your experience, kindly note that three updates were released to the EQONEX exchange on Friday 25 June 2021.

  • API WebSocket upgrade to version 1.1

  • Updated trading user interface
    - Enhanced order form for spot and perpetual
    - Improved color schemes

  • Removal of the hidden order feature

EQONEX upgraded its API WebSocket to a new version, WebSocket 1.1. This update was done to extend our functionalities in the future. It will be important for users with existing API WebSocket to upgrade the formatting to version 1.1. API WebSocket version 1.0 will no longer be supported effective 30 September 2021. Testing via is strongly encouraged before moving to production. For further information, please refer to the detailed API documentation on the EQONEX developer website

EQONEX amended its exchange interface to provide users a better navigation experience. Users will be able to see an enhanced trading view with the EQONEX branded colors, as well as enhanced order form for spot and perpetual trades. As part of our commitment to transparency, EQONEX removed the hidden order feature.

Should you need support or have questions, contact us at

Thank you,

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