The EQONEX Welcome Bonus Program ("Campaign") offers a welcome bonus reward for all new customers on EQONEX trading exchange subject to the below Terms and Conditions:

The Campaign will start on Friday, October 1, 2021, at 00:00 UTC until further notice ("Campaign Period").

The Campaign is open to all new EQONEX customers joining within the Campaign Period ("Participants").

All Participants who create an account on EQONEX, reach KYC level 3, and generate $200,000 in trading volume within 30 days of joining EQONEX will be eligible for a welcome bonus of $350 to be paid in EQO.

Your $350 welcome bonus will be broken down as:




Pass KYC Level 3

Within 30 days from sign up

$50 in EQO

Make your first crypto/fiat deposit of at least $100

Within 30 days from sign up

$100 in EQO

Generate $200,000 trading volume

Within 30 days from sign up

$200 in EQO

The completion of all three actions is mandatory for participants to receive a $350 welcome bonus, to be paid in EQO.

Trading volume is calculated as the execution price of the digital asset multiplied by the amount of digital asset bought or sold. All trading volumes generated across spot and perpetual pairs will qualify except for USDT/USDC pair.

The payout process will start within one week of users completing all three actions. EQO payouts will be paid to the equivalent number of decimal places that the currency is traded on the EQONEX platform.

The Campaign General Terms and Conditions shall apply to this Campaign. Please read carefully the Campaign General Terms and Conditions available through this link.

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