Following our name change from Diginex to EQONEX, the beneficiary name of our FEIB and Signature bank accounts for fiat deposits will also change. No other bank accounts are affected by this change.

To ensure smooth transactions with EQONEX, please update your saved payee/beneficiary name for fiat deposits from Diginex Capital Pte Ltd to EQONEX Capital Pte Ltd. The change will take effect on Thursday, September 23, 2021, at 00:00 UTC (8:00 am HKT).

Please note:

  • The processing banks may reject fiat deposits made with an incorrect payee/beneficiary name and return them to the original sender’s account.

  • EQONEX will not be responsible for tracing, locating, or retrieving your funds.

Only the payee/beneficiary name will change. All other bank details, including account number and SWIFT, remain the same. For full banking information, you may refer to this page.

For further assistance or more information, please contact our Customer Support team via or click on the chat widget at the bottom right-hand side of the EQONEX page.

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