In celebration of the EQO-D airdrop coming this September, we are giving away a hefty referral bonus when you join EQONEX and become an EQO supporter.

For the entire month of September, YOU GET TO CHOOSE YOUR WELCOME BONUS when you sign up on EQONEX:

EQO Holding by Sep 30, 23:59 UTC

Welcome bonus

Above 100 EQO

$50 in EQO

Above 500 EQO

$100 in EQO

Above 1000 EQO

$200 in EQO

Welcome to EQONEX!

*Having above 1,000 EQO before Monday, September 20 at 00:00 UTC will also qualify you for an EQO-D airdrop to amplify trades and convert to USDC at buyback. Learn more about EQO-D.

Learn more in the September Welcome Bonus Terms and Conditions.

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