EQO-D provides three utilities to its holders:

  1. Your Collateral Kick-start

  2. Gift Collateral Kick-start

  3. Buyback

To benefit from all three utilities, customers are required to be verified EQONEX exchange customers. Holders of EQO-D on the Digivault platform are only able to benefit from the Buyback utility.

See How to complete your Individual Account verification on EQONEX and Identification levels for more guidelines regarding the KYC process.

Your Collateral Kick-start

EQO-D tokens can be used as the equivalent of 1 USDC of collateral when trading Perpetuals on EQONEX.

EQO-D recipients may use a maximum of 5,000 tokens as collateral when trading Perpetuals. EQO-D will be usable as collateral until the EQO-D are sold back via the Buyback utility.

After receiving their allocation, to use EQO-D, holders must move their maximum allowable tokens into a Sub-Account of their choice (up to 5,000 tokens). To begin trading perpetuals against EQO-D, customers must ensure cross-collateral functionality is enabled for the chosen Sub-Account. Customers will be able to allocate to Sub-Accounts up until 23:59:59 UTC on October 25th, 2021. See How to allocate your EQO-D for Cross-Collateral.

It is recommended that EQONEX customers turn on ‘negative balances’ in their Sub-Account settings to reduce liquidation risk. See How to enable Cross Collateral and Negative Balance .

A detailed explanation of why this is advisable, and some examples, are given in the “Liquidation and Treatment of Negative Balances” section of the whitepaper.

Gift Collateral Kick-start

Maximize your referral rewards when you invite your friends to join EQONEX with a welcome gift in EQO-D. See How to gift your EQO-D.


Your EQO-D will be bought back from a 200,000 USDC buyback pool by October 26th.

More details about the above benefits and EQO-D’s terms and conditions are available in the EQO-D whitepaper.

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