What are EQO Dollars?

As described in the EQO whitepaper, holders of the EQO token are entitled to receive “Airdrops,” which are allocations of new tokens for use within the EQONEX ecosystem. EQO Dollars (EQO-D) is the first airdrop of the EQO token and will be exclusively granted to holders of EQO.

Why is EQONEX launching EQO Dollars?

EQO-D is designed to achieve four objectives:

  1. Showcase the EQONEX cross-collateral functionality: Designed using best practices from traditional finance, allowing for negative balances within sub-accounts.

  2. Continue in our goal to add value to the EQO Token: Provide continuous benefits to EQO holders through airdrops as described in the EQO Whitepaper.

  3. Increase participation in Perpetuals trading: Provide holders and their network access to meaningful collateral to execute strategies and experiment in derivative markets.

  4. Introduce new users to the EQONEX exchange: Adds a powerful incentive for referrals to the exchange to onboard and start trading.

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