We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Cross Collateral feature. Now you can trade with even more flexibility.

At EQONEX, we are committed to providing the best trading experience to our customers. The launch of Cross Collateral serves to help traders manage their capital when trading on EQONEX.

What is Cross Collateral?

Cross Collateral means you can use multiple assets (coins) instead of only USD or USDC to fund your Total Account Margin. This results in higher capital efficiency for traders as there is no need to first convert your coins into USDC before opening a margined position.

How does Cross Collateral serve you?

Increased capital efficiency

There is no need to convert your BTC to USDC before opening a margined position.

Larger notional positions

Traders with both BTC and USDC positions can trade a larger notional amount than when using USDC alone.

No automated liquidation

Traders can opt to generate a negative USDC balance to handle trading fees, basis payments, and P&L without liquidating any open cross collateral positions.

How exactly does Cross Collateral work?

  1. Switch on Cross Collateral for any of your accounts.

  2. We will calculate and add the USDC contribution of these assets to your Total Account Margin.

  3. Trade BTC or ETH perpetuals with any assets in your account used as collateral.

Learn all about Cross Collateral here.

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