EQONEX Level 2 KYC verification requires that you submit a valid Proof of Identity along with a Proof of Address document/s with your full name and address.

Here’s a list of primary documents you can submit as proof of your address (must be issued within 90 days):

  1. Bank Statement

  2. Credit Card Statement

  3. Electricity Billing Statement

  4. Gas Utility Billing Statement

  5. Water Billing Statement

  6. Landline Billing Statement

  7. Internet/broadband Billing Statement

  8. Cable/Satellite TV Billing Statement

In the absence of the primary documents listed above, any of the following documents can be submitted:

A. Valid within the period specified in the document

  1. Voter's ID/Registration Certificate or Electoral Roll Papers

  2. Postal ID or Postal Office Account Statement

B. Valid if the document is dated within 90 days

  1. Property Lease/Rental Agreement

  2. Residence Card/Residency Registration Document/Household Registry

  3. Title Deed/Property purchase

  4. Tax Assessment/Income Tax Return Correspondence

  5. Municipal Permit/Stay Permit/Work Permit

  6. Vehicle Registration Certificate

  7. Land Tax Valuation Notice

  8. Insurance Certificate/Statement (House, Car, Health)

  9. Documents/Letters issued by banks

  10. Documents/Letters issued by government/other public bodies

  11. Proof of Employment/ Letter from the employer

  12. Letter From Educational Institution/Student Status

Please note: We request that you notify us when you are changing your address or country of residence. You may send your new information and proof of address document to verify@eqonex.com so we can update your profile.

In a situation where the applicant cannot provide a Proof of Address ID/documentation and an immediate family member (Parent, Child, or Spouse) can, we will require all of the following:

  1. Any of the acceptable address proof of the immediate family member;

  2. The family member’s ID document; and

  3. Evidence of family relationship (e.g., Family Registration Book, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate)

Please contact our Customer Support team via help@eqonex.com or click on the chat widget at the bottom right-hand side of the EQONEX page for further assistance or more information.

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