At EQONEX, we offer Retail users the option to create Sub Accounts, which allows you to split your positions and/or assets across your Main- and/or Sub Accounts. You can have a maximum of 6 Sub Accounts open at any one time in addition to your Main Account, which continues to be available for trading

You can use Sub Accounts to put specific assets into an account and trade that account as a segregated bucket of risk relative to the rest of your asset base. For example, this is useful when you want to use Isolated Margin, but you could also use it if you wanted to keep your long-term Bitcoin holdings separate from your active trading account.


You can only move funds into a Sub Account by making a deposit from your EQONEX Main Account or any other Sub Accounts. It is not possible to deposit directly into a Sub Account from an EQONEX wallet that does not belong to your account or from any external wallet. By design, external deposits can only be made into your Main Account.

Similarly, you can only move funds out of a Sub Account by moving them into your Main Account or another Sub Account. It is not possible to make a withdrawal from your Sub Account to a wallet that does not belong to your account or any external wallet address. To withdraw funds from the platform, transfer them into your Main Account first.

Transfers between your Main and Sub Accounts happen near instantly.


When you get liquidated in a Sub Account, you may only ever lose the funds in that specific Sub Account. Similarly, when you get liquidated in your Main Account, you may only ever lose the funds in your Main Account. For more information on using Sub Accounts for Isolated Margin, see here.

Fee Tier

Your Fee Tier is based on all trading activity in your Main and Sub Account(s) combined.

Creating a Sub Account

Step 1: Click on Accounts button on the left bar.

Step 2: Click on Add Sub Account in the Accounts tab.

Step 3: Fill in the Sub Account name and choose to turn on/off Cross Collateral and Negative Balance features. You can also customize the max leverage available for this account (See Customized Leverage)

After confirmation, the new account will be reflected on your Account Management page.

Managing and removing a Sub Account

To edit or remove an existing Sub Account, click on Manage button.

You can change the status of your Sub Account from active to inactive or vice versa. There are toggles to turn on Cross Collateral and Negative Balance. You can also change the name of your Sub Account without any further implications. If you want to remove the Sub Account altogether, a Remove option is available below the Sub Account Name box.

Transferring funds between Main Account and Sub Account(s)

On the Account Management page, go to the Transfer tab.

You may fill in all required information, including sender account, currency, amount to be transferred, and recipient account. Now click on Make a Transfer.

Transfer History table is available at the end of this page.

Please contact our Customer Support team via or click on the chat widget at the bottom right-hand side of the EQONEX page for further assistance or more information.

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