You may find helpful articles below to get you started on EQONEX as a new Institutional user:

I. Sign-up and verification (onboarding process):

1. Here is the step-by-step guide to institutional onboarding on EQONEX,
How to sign up for an Institutional Account

2. This article gives you a full list of KYC documents in order to get your Institutional account verified,
List of Institutional onboarding documents

3. A detailed guide on how to have your team members fully verified,
How to complete your Authorized Person (Institution) verification on EQONEX
(To be done when a new user gets invited after number II.6)

II. Setting up your account:

4. General instruction on how to set up your account after the onboarding process:
How to set up your Institutional account

5. An entity (your institution) may create and maintain multiple Exchange Accounts with different user permissions and entitlements:
How to set up your Exchange Account(s) on EQONEX

6. How to invite new team members to onboard with your Exchange Account(s):
How to invite a User to your Exchange Account

Refer to the Account Setup & Management section for more articles.

III. Deposits & Withdrawals:

7. Getting yourself ready with the first funding to EQONEX account from your bank account: How to add a bank account

8. If you don’t have any crypto assets, you may fund your EQONEX account with USD to start with: How to make a fiat deposit

9. If you have crypto assets and wish to deposit it to your EQONEX account, you may refer to this article: How to make a crypto deposit

10. Withdrawing USD to your bank account: How to withdraw fiat to my bank account

11. A guide on sending your crypto assets out of EQONEX, How to make a crypto withdrawal

12. Whitelisting wallets is a compulsory security step in order to send your crypto asset out of EQONEX, How to whitelist a crypto withdrawal address

Refer to the Deposits & Withdrawals section for more articles.

IV. Trading

13. All you need to know when placing an order. Please find our general trading section here.

14. Our detailed introduction and guidelines on how to trade in Perpetual are here.

For further assistance or more information, please contact our Customer Support team via or click on the chat widget at the bottom right-hand side of the EQONEX page.

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