What type of token is it?

EQO is an ERC-20 compatible token on the Ethereum blockchain.

When is the launch date?

The “Initial Launch” (Whitepaper launch) was on 15th March 2021 whereas the Full launch occurred on 8th April 2021. EQO/USDC is now available to all traders.

What can I do with EQO?

  • Staking

  • Fee Reduction

  • Enhanced Interest Rates (Coming Soon)

  • Cross-collateral Margining (Coming Soon)

  • Airdrops (Coming Soon)

For more details, please visit EQO Benefits and Utility.

How can I earn EQO?

There are two ways to earn EQO:

  • Trading on the platform as a fee-paying price taker; and

  • Staking EQO on EQONEX by holding it on the exchange

In both cases, the daily rewards will be allocated to clients based on their percentage of the trading and staking vs the rest of the platform activity.

To earn EQO, all accounts need to reach a minimum KYC of Level 2, and should be proceeding to Level 3. If accounts are not fully verified at Level 3 KYC, the account will be suspended after 30 days. If after a further 90 days, the account has still not been verified, then we are required to close the account. Any EQO that has been allocated to closed accounts will be re-allocated to the EQONEX treasury.

For more information, please refer to How to earn EQO.

How often is EQO’s halving?

Like Bitcoin’s halving, EQO has a regular reduction in the supply via a ‘halving’ of the reward in the Reward Block. This reduction occurs every 90 blocks, approximately every 90 days, and sees the full 21 million issuance being completed over 8 “Epochs”.

Details of the Reward Block at any given time on our site at: https://eqonex.com/eqotoken.

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