EQO has been designed to replicate some of the best features of a cryptocurrency in an homage to Bitcoin.

Similar to Bitcoin, there will only ever be 21 million EQO tokens. These tokens will be released over time in a programmatic manner via a daily Reward Block over an approximate two-year issuance period.

Like Bitcoin’s halving, EQO has a regular reduction in the supply via a ‘halving’ of the reward in the Reward Block. This reduction occurs every 90 blocks, approximately every 90 days, and sees the full 21 million issuance being completed over 8 “Epochs”.

Details of the Reward Block at any given time can be found on our site at: https://eqonex.com/eqotoken/.

The distribution of EQO can be said to be one of the fairest launches out of all exchange-issued tokens. While there is no pre-mine or founder allocation, 10% of the Reward Block will be allocated to EQONEX as a treasury allocation. This treasury will be used specifically to further increase volume and liquidity provision on the platform through various channels including specific market maker deals, talent acquisition, marketing deals, and/or trading competitions. The remaining 90% of Reward Block or the “Reward Batch” will be used to reward traders and holders of balances of EQO on the platform via staking in their EQONEX wallets. After the two-year issuance program, EQONEX may at its discretion, implement a buyback-and-burn program.

EQO is built as an ERC-20 compatible token on the Ethereum blockchain.

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