Once whitelisted, the only edits that can be made to a wallet address are to change the alias or remove it completely. To edit a wallet alias, please follow the instructions in this article: How to edit the alias of a whitelisted crypto wallet. To whitelist a new wallet address, please see this article: How to whitelist a crypto withdrawal address.

Step 1: Navigate to Wallets > Manage.

If you have logged in and are currently on the Trading screen (/trade), click the burger menu icon on the top right of the page, then click Account > Wallets > Manage.

Step 2: Click on the crypto wallet that you would like to remove, then click Edit.

Step 3: Click Remove. The system will prompt you to confirm the action to remove the wallet.

Click Yes, Remove and continue, or No, Don’t Remove if you change your mind.

If removed the wallet will no longer appear under Manage > Crypto Wallets and will not be available for use.

For further assistance or more information, please contact our Customer Support team via help@eqonex.com or click on the chat widget at the bottom right-hand side of the EQONEX page.

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