Spot Mark Price: median (Last Traded Price, best bid, best ask) or, if not available, the Exchange Index

Perpetual Mark Price: the 3-second TWAP of the Last Traded Price bound to the Exchange Index +/- 0.2%. If the Market Price is not available, Exchange Index + Basis (Funding) at the last basis calculation.

The TWAP is based on the average of the open, high, low, and close of each 1-second bar.

Dated Futures Mark Price: the 3-second TWAP of median(Last Traded Price, best bid, best ask). If any of the following three conditions are true:
1) there are no bids,
2) there are no asks, or
3) the bid-ask spread, calculated as (best ask - best bid)/best ask, is greater than 5%
then the Mark Price becomes the Exchange Index * (1 + Last DF Premium).

The Last DF Premium is the premium of the Dated Future in percentage just before any of the above conditions became true, calculated as (Dated Futures Mark Price - Spot Mark Price)/Spot Mark Price.

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