The steps to disable your Two Factor Authentication (2FA) will differ depending on the scenario– if you still have access to your 2FA device or if you do not.

In both cases, you need to remove your 2FA setup first. The system will then provide a new QR code that you can scan to set up your 2FA again on a new device.

For security reasons, please note that withdrawals and password changes are not allowed for 48 hours after having disabled your 2FA.

Scenario 1: If you still have access to your 2FA device

Step 1: To disable your 2FA, click on your User Profile on the top-right corner of your dashboard. Then Security.

Step 2: Select Disable 2FA.

Step 3: Input a 2FA code, then click Disable 2FA to confirm. Your 2FA will be disabled after this step.

Note: If your 2FA is disabled without your knowledge, please contact EQONEX Customer Support as soon as possible.

Refer to this 2FA guide on how to set up 2FA again on mobile devices.

Scenario 2: If you no longer have access to 2FA device

If you still have the alphanumeric backup code provided by EQONEX when you first set up 2FA, you can use it to set up 2FA again on your new device.

Otherwise, kindly send your 2FA inquiry to EQONEX Customer Support via email at with the following details:

Subject: 2FA reset inquiry

Content: A quick description of your current inquiry and an ID selfie.

What is an ID selfie?

An ID selfie is a selfie of you holding your identity document and a handwritten note confirming your request.

The ID selfie should have the following, all in one photo:

  • you in person (the “selfie” part)

  • your identity document (the “ID” part)

  • a handwritten note (to make sure that selfie is newly taken)

Why do we need your ID selfie?

2FA is an important security factor, allowing you to reset your password and make withdrawal requests. An ID selfie helps us authenticate your identity and ensure that no one else is trying to gain access to your account.

Requirements for identity document:

  • The document must be government-issued (passport, national ID, or driving license).

  • The document must contain your full name (including any aliases), unique identification number, date/place of birth, and nationality.

  • The document must be original (not photocopied).

  • Information on the document must be clearly legible.

The handwritten note must include the following:

  • Our exchange name: EQONEX

  • Details of inquiry, for example, “I want to reset 2FA”

  • Date and time of the request. This should be within 3 days from the inquiry submission date.

Side notes:

  • Make sure to take your selfie in a well-lit place so your face is clearly visible.

  • Keep the background plain. Black and white photo is not recommended.

  • Do not wear a hat or sunglasses.

  • Make sure your fingers do not cover the ID details when you hold your ID documents.

If you prefer not to provide an ID selfie, you can confirm the 2FA reset request through a video call.

Please contact us at to schedule a video call.

For further assistance or more information, please contact our Customer Support team via or click on the chat widget at the bottom right-hand side of the EQONEX page.

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