Suspended Account and Dormant Account are part of our new verification system for Individual accounts. Learn more about Identification Levels.

Suspended Account

Once you have uploaded your identity document and initiated the identity verification process, EQONEX will immediately perform a primary check on your provided details. You may be requested for a proof of address document in addition to your identity document. We may also need to conduct a video call with you if the provided documents prove insufficient for identity verification.

If the identity verification process cannot be completed within 30 business days from the submission of your documents, we are required to temporarily suspend all transactions on your account, including depositing and trading. The account will be suspended due to regulatory obligations, and you will be notified via email.

If you would like to reactivate a suspended account and resume the identity verification process, please contact us at

Account Closure

In compliance with regulatory policies and procedures, your account will be closed if it has remained suspended for 90 business days. Please see How to withdraw funds from a closed account for more details on how to send funds from a closed EQONEX account.

For further assistance or more information, please contact our Customer Support team via or click on the chat widget at the bottom right-hand side of the EQONEX page.

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